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Julia is pointing to a post-it note and listening to a woman sharing her ideas. A man watches.

I work with organizations in public and private sectors to help them better understand their stakeholders, their challenges, and themselves.

The nature of that work depends on your team and needs. Here are some examples:


I solve problems using design thinking

I tackle your organization’s challenges and provide you with fresh insights and solutions. Through equity-centred design thinking, I delve deeply into the needs, feelings, and desires of stakeholders. I use my findings to suggest new approaches, and I communicate people’s stories back to your team, so you can see the situation with fresh eyes.


Change comes from the inside, but it needs an outside facilitator. Stakeholders don’t always share what they think, due to organizational history or power structures. It takes an empathetic outside expert, skilled at working with people and at sharing concerns, to discover and share the truth.


I act as that facilitator, helping your organization create relationships of caring and build for better.

I consult with senior leaders

I consult with executives on how to embed design thinking within their organizations in an empathetic, equitable way.


Design has great power for cultural change in organizations. It ensures that people are heard, which uncovers new insights and solutions. And when set up correctly, it also makes people feel heard. People feel that they can bring their full human selves to a relationship, and that’s when new cultures emerge. I help executives grow that culture.

I lead workshops and deliver training

I design and deliver hands-on workshops in design thinking. I can build a program from scratch or infuse design principles into your existing training. I take a strengths-based approach, tailoring my training to build on existing strengths within the team or organization. 

I believe in learning by doing. My workshops cover theory, but equally important, I guide students through hands-on activities in empathetic data-gathering, insight-finding, and data-based storytelling. Teams use personas, journey maps, and other communication tools to find and communicate new perspectives through stories. I'm also a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® certified facilitator and can bring this method into your organization.  

I give talks about equity-centered design

I speak about equity-centred design at conferences and events, kickstarting conversations about human needs and movements for cultural change.

Interested in working together?

Let’s have an exploratory conversation. Fill out my contact form, and I’ll respond soon.

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